Garter Purse | Boot Pocket | Yoga Mat Pocket | Hip Pocket | Leather Garter | Wallet


SmarterGarter is the ONLY convertible hands-free purse, that can carry all your necessities, with the same style and individuality as high end hand bags.

Show it off on bare skin with shorts, skirts, dresses, bikinis or over leggings, jeans, yoga pants, knee-high boots or around your yoga mat. The pocket can even be snapped around a belt to create a convenient hip pocket, or thrown into a larger purse as a wallet.

Each design is lined with anti-slip silicone backing, which prevents sliding.

The main pocket is removable from the leg strap – allowing the wearer great versatility.

1 Purse… 6 Ways 2 Play

  1. Garter Purse: “Lara Croft meets Coco Chanel”
  2. Boot Pocket: “Scoot Your Boot. Hide Your Loot”
  3. Yoga Mat Pocket: “Find Chi. Be Hands-Free”
  4. Hip Pocket: “Not your Grandma’s Fanny-Pack”
  5. Wallet: “Anxiety over lost cards in hand bags? Stall. It. Make SmarterGarter a wallet.”
  6. Leather Garter: “Sexy. Accessory.”